a private 1:1 plant-based nutrition & wellness coaching container with Valeria Hernández


Are you sick & tired of feeling bloated, tired, & “blah” in your day to day life? 

Are you totally over feeling confused & overwhelmed when it comes to eating plant-based? 


Do you wish you had more energy at the end of the day to build your biz & spend quality time with your loved ones?


Have you tried to beat your sweet tooth only to feel restricted & give into cravings? 


Would you love to feel empowered by your food choices?


How would you like to know that your diet is helping you fight disease, climate change, and animal cruelty? 

take a deep breath & picture this...

  • you wake up without pressing snooze and you're full of energy & mental clarity so you can actually get more done in your day

  • you no longer stress about what to eat because you have a nutrition plan that you're excited about!

  • eating healthy has become second-nature for you 

  • there's nothing holding you back from achieving your fitness goals like running a 5k, or even a marathon! ;)

  • you rarely eat animal products and don't feel like you're missing out

I've helped former clients level up their energy with plant based nutrition & sustainable healthy habits... and I can help you too!


>>I'll evaluate your current situation with various wellness factors such as: nutrition, mindset, energy, sleep, digestion, weight, and hydration

>>We'll empower you via mindset work to bust your limiting beliefs around healthy, plant based eating!

>>I'll develop a nutrition plan that is customized to you and works well with your lifestyle and food preferences

>>We'll curate routines with other health habits to support your new way of eating & living

>>I''l teach you how to keep the lifestyle going despite time constraints

>> We'll identify possible setbacks or triggers and work on a "Prevention Plan" so you can sustain your results, even when our time together comes to and end :) 





Private coaching with Valeria may be the right fit if you…

  • Are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You want to start nourishing your body in a healthy, sustainable way


  • Don't have time to keep DIY-ing your nutrition and going through trial & error. You want a direct path to your goals

  • Are interested in transitioning either fully or partially into a plant-based diet (aka significantly reduce the amount of animal products you eat) 

  • Are willing to change and be coachable (aka be held accountable to your goals!)

  • Are committed to putting in the work to get an AMAZING transformation! 

  • Are seriously ready to invest in yourself


This may NOT be the right fit if you...

  • Are looking for a quick fix to lose weight


  • Are not willing to make any changes in your life


  • Do not take charge and responsibility for your actions and life


  • Are not willing or able to invest in your health

your private 1:1 coaching package includes...

  • Bi-weekly, 60-minute Coaching sessions for 16 weeks

  • Notes emailed to you after each session covering call topic & 2-4 action items to keep your progress going

  • Nutrition guide complete with recipes so you never have to guess what you're eating

  • Weekly check-in emails to track progress

**VIP add on** 

  • Mon-Fri Voxer support to answer quick questions between sessions

  • Lifetime access to any course, program, masterclass I launch during your 16-week contract

The Painted Lady

4 Months Pay in Full: $2,655

Monthly Payment Plan: $688/month

The Monarch

4 Months Pay in Full: $3,444

Monthly Payment Plan: $888


Hola! I'm Valeria!

I’m a Plant-Based Health & Nutrition Coach who helps ambitious women go vegan in a healthy way so they can show up with confidence and energy in life!


I’m here to help you skip the struggle & build sustainable, life-long food habits that empower you to live a fulfilled life.


I know what it's like to transition to veganism and default on eating processed carbs & junk food (hint: it's nottt fun!).


I struggled making the switch so YOU don’t have to! That’s why for the past 5 years of my vegan journey I’ve been refining the perfect balance of clean eating & treatin' yo'self.

I was so pleasantly shocked that a balanced plant-based diet could make me feel so light, energized, and happy that I designed this Private coaching program to help ambitious people like YOU feel their absolute best.

Because your health is your wealth

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