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How Community Helps You Reach Your Goals

Hi there Vegi Fam! We are approaching the one-year anniversary of when lockdowns began. We had to shut our doors, quit seeing friends and family in person, postpone events and activities that bring us joy. We swapped huge birthday parties for zoom calls and fancy dinners at expensive restaurants for take out at our own homes. Now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and we’re reminded more than ever that community is essential to our wellbeing. It won’t be too long now before we’ll be able to see our friends and family and hug beloved relatives. It’ll be a reminder of just how important community is to our lives.

But, what does community mean for our health and wellness? Many folks approach health as a solo, individual journey. After all, you’re the one most affected by your health and wellness goals, right? When you make the choice to workout or eat a nutrient-dense meal, you feel great. So, how does community play into your health and wellness?

Well, there will undoubtedly be days where you’re unmotivated. Where you just can’t seem to muster up the energy to go to the gym. Where the thought of lifting weights or running a mile is the furthest thing from your mind. Or, if you’re attempting to commit to veganism, you might crave a thick, juicy steak, and be unable to drive it from your brain. There will be days where your health and wellness aren’t your top priority--that’s where community comes into play.

If you do skip a day of working out or falter on veganism and eat meat, if you’re on a solo journey, it can be easy and tempting to beat yourself up about it. Guilt, embarrassment, and frustration can run rampant through your brain, and it’ll be even harder to stay motivated afterwards. The thoughts, “Well, I already messed up today, the entire week is shot!” or, “it’s the weekend, I don’t need to push myself,” might cross your mind, and one slip up will turn into three, then ten, and next thing you know you are left feeling disempowered and further away from your health goals and intentions. .

Being a part of a community can help prevent this by helping you feel supported and holding you accountable! When you’re feeling low about slipping up, your strong community of jefas will lift you up and keep you from bashing yourself. But, they also will check in with you to make sure you continue to work towards your goals. When you’ve run out of good healthy recipes, who better to ask than your community? When you can’t find the motivation, who better to pump you up than your community? Your community will lift you up, help you feel great, and motivate you to achieve.

Here at VegiVale, we’re starting our own community-based, health and nutrition membership: Healthy Wealthy Jefas! Here you’ll find strong women (just like you!) who have their own personal, individualized health and wellness goals, but use community to motivate and hold themselves accountable. This community is specifically for BIPOC who want to get healthier, thrive in their bodies, and who are the bosses of their own lives! We’re launching the program on March 3, 2021--tomorrow!

If you’ve ever quit your health journey because life got in the way; if you ever felt like you lost motivation after week one; if you ever beat yourself up for not following your own workout or health plan: this community is for you. Check out our Instagram here for more details about how to sign up.

There are two tiers to our program depending on your needs:

Tier one is only $44 a month, and includes access to the Healthy Wealthy Jefas private community Slack channel, which is specifically designed to help you thrive. You’ll also get monthly community calls, monthly guest expert trainings, and simple meal plans every two weeks to help you eat plant-based. If you get on the waitlist, you’ll also have access to a thirty minute onboarding call with Valeria to welcome you to the program and review your specific goals!

Tier two is $244 a month, and has everything listed above, but also has the added bonuses of customized DFY macros or portioned eating plan to tailor your eating to your specific needs and one 60-minute 1:1 call per month with Valeria to review your goals and progress. If you get on the waitlist, you’ll have access to a week of WhatsApp messaging with Valeria to keep you accountable when you begin the program.

Thanks, Vegi Fam! Comment below if you’re ready to join a community of jefas to keep you on track to your health goals!

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