FA-LA-LA LAst Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Oh heyyy Vegi Fam!

We all know Christmas is THIS Friday, which is getting into dangerously close last minute gift giving territory. But no worries Vegi friend, I see you like to live on the edge like me and I GOTCHU! No procrastinator shaming here, just some solid gift ideas for your loved ones ✨

Whether you’re shopping for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Día de los Reyes, another holiday around Dec/ Jan, OR your favorite Capricorn’s birthday (mine is January 13th hint hint😇) these gift ideas are either...

🌱Plant-based / Vegan

🙏🏽BIPOC-owned brands

💰Affordable & accessible

✨ Wellness Centered

🌎 Sustainable / Earth-friendly

(they may check one or ALL of those boxes!)

*See disclaimer at the end*

For your favorite #CurlyGirl

Rizos Curls 4-Step Travel Kit 🙏🏽💰🌱

Not only is Rizos Curls a Latinx-owned small business but 90% of their products are also Vegan! The brand is entirely Cruelty free too :) I literally use Rizos Curls EVERYDAY, they were such a lifesaver when I learned about the Deva Curl scam :(

Why I'm obsessed: The Rizos curls team is 51% Black and 91% women; they are a small Latina-owned business, available for purchase at Target, and the products deliver AMAZING curly results without any of the toxic ingredients!

For your Cozy Coworker

Sunnie Ward’s “Meditating, Manifesting, Making Millions” T-shirt 🙏🏽✨

This is one of the few unfitted t-shirts I own that makes me feel like a powerful badass when I wear it!! Whenever I put it on I'm reminded of my purpose & goal of becoming a Mexican Millionaire 😎

Why I'm obsessed: It's simple black & white design makes it easy to dress up or down and pair with other closed faves! Not to mention each t-shirt bought support a Black woman owned business!

Vegetaryn- Ethical Tees 🌎🌱

If you've been around for a while you know I'm a huge advocate for Vegetaryn's t-shirts!! Not only are they soft as hell, but they're also punny and great conversation starters! Make sure you use VEGIVALE at checkout for 10% off!

Pictured: "Treat her Well" tank in White

Why I'm obsessed: These shirts are ethically made, sweatshop free, and fair trade! The die they use is 100% vegan and non-toxic... Plus I always get hella compliments when I wear them 😌

For the Fitness Buff (or Aspiring Fit Folks)

Orgain Plant Based Protein Powders 🌱 💰 🌎

Affordable as hell, clean ingredients, no filler or non-sense, and DELICIOUS plant-based protein powder!! I've tried plant based protein powders from SO. MANY. BRANDS.... from Vega, to Garden of Life, to Sunwarrior, and even off-brand stuff from Sprouts, Target, and Trader Joe's. None of it compares to Orgain y'all.

<-- I meaaan, why ELSE would I be drinking it straight from the blender?! and yes, their Plant-Based Chocolate is my favorite flavor!!

Make sure you use VEGIVALE at checkout for 30% off your first order!

Why I'm obsessed: It's creamy, it's delicious, it's vegan, and it's healthy. Alsooo Orgain is constantly innovating on more eco-friendly packaging which I really appreciate as an inhabitant of this planet Earth :)

All Natural Pre-workout from Beachbody 🌱

So I may not technically be an active recruiter for Team Beachbody but I STILL stand by their products because DAMN. Y'all saw that I shouted out Orgain right?! They have a pre-workout made with beetroot powder and it literally tastes like dirt to me 😆 Just keeping it real y'all!! But Beachbody's pre-workout aka "Energize" is the one I always come back to

Energize is amazing even for folks who don't do heavy workouts (read HIIT, heavy weightlifting, & anything 45+ in your prime heart rate zone) because it's also a great coffee substitution if you need a lil pick me up!

Why I'm obsessed: Energize not only tastes amazing (this is a requirement for any product I promote btw lol) but it's ingredients are clean as well! My favorite flavor is Fruit Punch 💜

Workout from Home with "Netflex" 💰🌱

Netflex is my nickname for Beachbody's library of at-home workouts. There's everything from yoga and barre, to hardcore "bro-y" weightlifting programs. All these fitness programs are created by professionals and include calendars, tracking, and form guides.

Why I'm obsessed: This is a great quarantine-friendly option for that person in your life who has been talking about getting fit forever! Bonus points if you offer to do one of the fitness programs with them... I see some sweating & bonding in your future ;) PRO-TIP: Enroll for the 3-month option to get a free 2-week trial first!

For the "Woo"-Powered People in Your Life

Radical Healing's Tarot Services and Intention Candles 🙏🏽💰🌱

The Radical Healing Collective is my go-to for all things spiritual, from a mediation consult, to a personalized tarot reading, and super cute & culturally relevant intention candles!

Why I'm obsessed: Radical Healing is a queer Black owned and operated business that takes an active role in dismantling white supremacy through activism and decolonizing spirituality in their practices (SO IMPORTANT!)

90 Days of Journal Prompts- Rachel Luna 🙏🏽💰

To say this journaling workbook changed my life is putting it lightly. I am now a huge journaling advocate because of this 90-day workbook created by Rachel Luna, it has helped me work through major mindset blocks and get out of the victim mentality we often fall into as humans.

Why I'm obsessed: This is the perfect present for someone you're close with in life who's not afraid to get deep. They have dipped their toes in spirituality or maybe wanna dive in full force! Either way this journal is a great starting point for new & seasoned journalers alike!

For Hard-workin Jefas

Hija de Tu Madre's 2021 Planner 🙏🏽✨

As HDTM said on their website... 2020 is #canceledAF. I am a self-proclaimed planner addict! I think this planner is the perfect combo of reflecting on past months, envisioning the future, and planning your actual week. Pro-tip: Look at all the Latinx- holidays and never skip a beat with your culture!

Why I'm obsessed: This brand just gives me all the Healthy, Wealthy Jefa (TM) vibes!! 💜 They are Latina-owned and their products in general a a beautiful cultural intersection that embodies the complexity of being Latinx.

EyeBuyDirect 💰✨

I've been a proud four eyes for a solid decade now! I think the most annoying thing about wearing glasses is 1- having the exact same accessory on your face everyday and 2- getting screen fatigue/ tension headaches from staring at a screen all day!

Thankfully EyeBuyDirect tackles BOTH of these problems, their pairs are SO affordable that I can get multiple per year and because of the low pricing, adding blue-light blocking to the eyeglasses is actually financially feasible (aka I'm not paying around $50 instead of $200+)

<---Pictured: Me wearing my Hepburn frames in Ivory & Tortoise

Why I'm obsessed: Affordable AF, protects your eyes from blue light, AND they give back?!?! For every order placed with EyeBuyDirect, one pair will be donated to the country of your choice. Now that's a #winWin

WOC Wellness Summit Video Trainings 🌱🙏🏽💰✨🌎

This gift idea checks ALLLL the boxes! Maybe because it's a summit a co-created with my business partner & bestie, Sarah Osman. We virtually hosted 15 WOC speakers who gave talks on everything ranging from "Decolonizing your Body Image", to "Relaxation Tools for WOC", to "How To Save $8k on a $22k Salary". I even got summit tickets as a gift for my mom & mentee!

Why I'm obsessed: Every single BIWOC on this planet deserves thriving wellness and that's what this summit delivers. Watching these high-value, virtual talks and implementing the knowledge has already changed my life as well as the lives of the summit attendees!

For your Sustainable Sis

Thinx Period Panties menstruating humans 💰 🌎 🌎

Thinx underwear are washable, reusable and designed to replace pads and tampons, or be worn with tampons and cups for extra protection. No, they don’t feel “wet” and yes you can wear them solo (know your flow tho!)

I honestly believe every menstruating human should own a pair! My fave style is the hip hugger :) And If you’re still not convinced, the link above gets you $10 off and you get a free trial for 60 days.

Why I’m obsessed: Not only are they HELLA sustainable (did you know that over 100 billion menstrual hygiene products thrown away around the world PER YEAR?!), but they give back to the community by “fighting for better access to puberty education, amplifying grassroots activism, and donating our undies & time”. #WinWin!

Misfits Market- Organic produce delivered right to your door for less

Lezzzbe real- is COVID destroying your relationship with grocery shopping? Yeah, me too. Not just that but organic produce can get pricey and it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with the same couple veggies & fruits.

What I love about Misfits Market is that they fight food waste with organic produce and sustainably sourced pantry staples delivered to your door!

Why I’m obsessed: Misfits Market took my parsnip virginity away (LOL) and I'm grateful for it, ok?! Also I love that they use eco-friendly packaging and pay their employees a living wage (read: above the legally required minimum)!!

ALRIGHT! That's a wrap y'all!! I hope you enjoyed this gift guide & have a very happy holiday shopping.


*This post may contain affiliate links. This simply means if you purchase something I recommended I get a small kickback.*

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