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Case Study: One-on-One Client

Hi VegiFam!

This week, we have a special treat for you. As you know, our owner Valeria takes on clients for one-on-one coaching. These clients know they want to change their lifestyle, but aren’t quite sure where to start. Valeria works with them on everything from how to meal prep to cooking plant-based foods for dinner.

We’ve reached out to one of Valeria’s past clients who agreed to share the good word about how Valeria has helped her when she worked with her as a one-on-one coach:

“Valeria and I had known each other a long time before we decided to work together as a coach and client. Fortunately, I was already familiar with vegan food, since I worked in a vegan co-op while I was in college. I wasn’t necessarily interested in becoming vegan, but I was interested in changing my eating habits. My husband and I ate out all the time, and it was hurting our wallets and making us feel sluggish and unmotivated. Plus, I worked in a restaurant, so there was constant temptation to eat everything in sight (especially leftover pastries).

“When I first started working with Valeria, I learned just how crucial vegetables are for the diet. I wasn’t listening to my body, which was craving veggies but being filled up with carbs. I started making time to eat veggies with most meals (not every meal, because your girl still loves bagels and schmear). I incorporated veggies into my cooking more, and found it was relaxing to cook instead of stressful. And, I finally learned to plan ahead and prep food for nights where I knew I’d be out late. My husband and I still went out to eat, but because my body became more used to consuming veggies, I ordered them by choice on the menus more.

“The most surprising thing for me about working with a coach was that I thought I would be distraught over having to change my eating habits. I’d become so accustomed to eating out and ordering fatty, carb-dense food that I thought I’d miss it. But, I learned balance. I still eat pizza, and still enjoy those bagels in the morning. But I also eat squash and salads and other plant-based foods. And, while I haven’t completely given up meat, I do eat it a lot less.

“The most challenging part of changing my lifestyle was working out. Before working with Valeria, I thought I was just one of those people who never worked out. I was unathletic, hated gym class, and never considered myself strong. And even after working with her, I can still say working out isn’t my favorite part of the day. However, I began to see the value in moving my body. I always walked a lot, especially working in a restaurant. But, I now saw myself getting stronger ab and arm muscles, and knew I only had to do it for a short amount of time each day. Now, my schedule has made it really difficult for me to find time to work out. I actually miss it, and that’s something I never thought I’d hear myself say.

“Overall, working with Valeria helped me change my palette and listen to my body more. If my body tells me it’s really craving pizza, I’ll have the pizza. But I’ve learned to also listen and grab something more nutrient dense to accompany the pizza and help balance my lifestyle more.”

Interested in one-on-one coaching?

Are you interested in changing your mindset around food? Are you interested in freeing yourself from limiting beliefs about what your body can achieve? Then reach out to Valeria about one-on-one coaching! She can help you rethink food and fitness while providing a judgement-free zone for questions and solutions.

If you’re ready to make a lifestyle change for the better, drop us a comment VegiFam! Stay safe out there in this scary world, wear a mask, and stay healthy.

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