Black-Owned Restaurants for Vegans in Atlanta

It just so happens to be #BLACKOUTDAY2020 when we're posting this. The goal of Blackout Day is to unite and stand in economic solidarity with the Black community and ONLY spend money support Black Owned Businesses.

We in the VegiVale Wellness community believe that we should all be intentional with where we spend our money, not just today but every day. Today we are highlighting the thriving Black Vegan community in Atlanta! So next time you decide to order takeout, consider one of these 14 restaurants we've compiled. Not only will you help improve your health, the environment, and reduce animal suffering but it will also put money in the hands of Black business owners! #quadruplewin

  1. Tassili's Raw Reality: (far right photo)This fast casual spot is perfect for a quick, tasty lunch or dinner. Chef Tassili Ma’at specializes in raw vegan cuisine, and reviews support that it’s some of the best raw vegan food around. Your mouth waters at the menu, that has everything from wraps to couscous salads to pad thai. During the pandemic, the cafe is open from 11-7pm daily, with the last orders being taken at 6pm.

  2. VBQ Grass Joint: (middle photo) This spot sells out often because it's THAT GOOD. Located in Oprheus Brewing, VBQ's food packs a punch of flavor and spice without any of the animal products! We recommend the wings and the oyster mushroom po'boy. We also recommend checking their Instagram for hours of operation. Currently they're open for takeout and "dine in" at the outdoor patio by Orpheus Brewing.

  3. Juiceheads ATL: (far left photo) Looking for something a little on the lighter side? This restaurant has loads of vegan options, from smoothies to salads and even a burger option. While juices are their specialty, they also offer nutrient boosts to help with immunity (which, given the COVID pandemic, is super useful!). This juice bar has a commitment to not only to their community, but also to locally-sourced ingredients that improve the quality of their end-product. Order online today!

  4. Slutty Vegan ATL: You know those days when all you want is fries and a burger drenched in cheese? When you’re craving fried foods? Slutty Vegan is where you need to be. The entire menu is plant based, but that doesn’t mean it’s all salad. They specialize in decadent burgers, hot dogs, and everything fried. You can get your slut on from Tuesday-Saturday from noon to 7:30, but make sure you peep their Instagram, where the restaurant frequently updates customers about whether they’re sold out for the day.

  5. Doughlicious Vegan Bakery: This bakery, inspired by a family baking tradition with roots in Detroit, makes everything from cookies to bean pies and dinner rolls. Due to Covid, Doughlicious is selling baked goods out of Plant Based Pizzeria and Just Add Honey Tea Shop.

  6. Plant Based Pizzeria: You might remember my obsession with pizza from past blog posts, and this vegan pizza would fit the bill for fulfilling my cravings. Offering calzones full of vegan cheese and beyond meat, deluxe pizzas with an overwhelming amount of veggie toppings, and even burgers if you’re feeling that instead, this place has everything. You can order online or walk-in to get your pie seven days a week.

  7. GAS Food Truck: Frequently found in food truck parks all around Atlanta, this food truck features decadent vegan delights, many of which are smothered in vegan cheese. To be sure you know where they’re headed next, check out their Instagram to get some of that tasty, chopped cheese goodness.

  8. Viva La Vegan ATL: This entirely plant-based restaurant offers a wide selection of vegan indulgences. With especially a ton of cauliflower options, their menu boasts cauliflower subs, cauliflower tots, and soy-free options for vegans who might have allergies. Be sure to check their Instagram for their hours daily, and you can even text your order in by texting “VIVA” to 33733.

  9. Just Add Honey: Currently open for retail and grab-and-go service, this tea shop offers loose-leaf teas, lattes, and vegan milk options. Additionally, you can order a parTEA in a box, so you can share a special tea party at home with artisan products and none of the COVID risk. If you’re missing your usual coffee fix, instead of hitting up a large chain coffee shop, grab some delicious tea or coffee from this shop.

  10. Ghion Cultural Hall: Ethiopian food is one of my personal favorites. There’s so much flavor packed into each bite, and oftentimes it’s vegan while still being authentic. This restaurant has an entire vegan section of the menu, with vegan substitutes being made for chicken, fish, and beef in traditional dishes. Currently, they’re open for takeout and delivery.

  11. Soul Vegetarian: Open since 1979, this vegetarian hot-spot has deep roots in Atlanta. Open for takeout during the COVID pandemic, one of the coolest parts of their menu is the vegan feast offerings. These feasts can be ordered for lunch or dinner, and include an entree, two sides, and a salad. Especially if you’re feeding a large family, this spot is perfect.

  12. Lov’n It Live: Proud to serve up more than a boring salad, this raw vegan spot offers sandwiches, salads, burgers, and full entrees. If you want to treat yourself, order the five-course dinner for two, which includes soup, salad, appetizer, entree, drink, and dessert. What could be more perfect for a vegan date night at home? :)

  13. Life Bistro: Looking for a special occasion spot? This vegan fine-dining restaurant is perfect! Serving lunch and dinner, their offerings include everything from po’boys to pesto fettuccine. If you have a celebration coming up and need something a bit extra special, this place will fulfill your needs. Currently, the restaurant is offering curbside pickup and delivery through delivery apps.

  14. Vegan Dream Doughnuts: Who doesn’t want a doughnut for breakfast? I know I live for the mornings when I can enjoy a cup of coffee and munch on a tasty pastry. This doughnut shop can fulfill those doughnut fantasies. Currently, the shop is open for takeout.

Do you have a favorite Black-owned business that’s vegan-friendly? Drop a comment here to let us know your faves! Not from Atlanta? Email us at and let us know where you're located so we can cover your city next ;)

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