Let’s get really real amigas! You’re tired of winging it with your nutrition and maybe you're just plain TIRED. You have no idea how to get back on track with your healthy eating and wish you had a go-to plant-based bestie to help guide you on your nutrition journey!

Imagine how it would change your mood & energy to spend an entire week honing in on eating a nutrient-dense and delicious foods that help you clear your mind fog and start to feel like a JEFA (Spanish for boss ass bitch)  from the inside out!

Introducing the Eating for Energy Intensive! 

A 7-day, private nutrition coaching intensive to help accelerate your confidence around eating more plants and fulfilling ALL your nutrient and flavor needs!

>>What to expect⚡


There are 4 primary goals with this intensive….


  1. Pinpoint gaps in nutrition so you can stop worrying about if you’re feeding yourself right for your needs

  2. Identify 5 foods that are keeping you from reaching your health goals- as your coach, I’ll help you find swaps that taste JUST as good but make you feel a trillion times better!

  3. Bust limiting beliefs that are holding so you can stop struggling to consistently choose healthier food 

  4. Brainstorm a food game plan that doesn’t feel enslaving for your lifestyle and that you’re actually PUMPED to follow


>>What’s included?

  • A 90-minute Zoom call to take a deep dive into how to overcome your current obstacles and outline a doable plan for your nutritional needs ($300value)

  • 1 week of private WhatsApp access to make sure you feel confident in your day to day food choices ($150  value)

  • Multiple support documents ($55 value)

    • Healthy food swaps to sustain your healthy living

    • Journal prompts to support positive mindset reframing 

    • Progress picture & measurement taking guide to track your progress

  • Custom nutrition guide in a format that is easy to track & keep up with your lifestyle ($100 value)




or 2 payments of $120


Hi! I'm Valeria

I’m a plant-based nutrition coach who helps ambitious women go vegan in a healthy way so they can show up confident in their life! I’m here to help you skip the struggle & build sustainable, life-long food habits that empower you to live a fulfilled life.


I know what it's like to transition to veganism and default on eating processed carbs & junk food (hint: it ain't fun!) I've spent the past 4 years of my vegan journey refining the perfect balance of clean eating & treatin' yo'self which is why I can teach you how to do this in a way that's fun & effortless for your lifestyle! 


 If you're here for all the abundant vibes, the energy, & the confidence that nutrient-dense foods have to offer, then the Eating for Energy Intensive is right up your alley ;) 

What my clients are saying...

"Honestly Valeria went above and beyond my expectations and helped me turn my mindset towards nutrition around. She helped me breakdown my limiting beliefs while keeping me accountable for my food logs"

-Renata B

"I knew I was going to meet my plant based nutritional goals while working with Valeria. She helped me achieve so much more than that and I just want to say thank you!"

-Samuel M