Hey friend, I'm Valeria! 

of VEGIVALE Wellness Co.

I help ambitious, high-performing women go plant-based in a healthy & empowering way! 

My mission here on this beautiful planet of ours is to show you that eating a vegan diet is not only healthy, but also FUN & incredibly freeing!


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From cheese pizza addict to plant-based vegan!

I was one of those "weird kids" in school that actually enjoyed eating veggies and had alfalfa sprouts in her sandwich. 

Sometime between college & the post-grad life, I went vegan and thought that was "enough" to stay healthy. But I lost touch of my love for vegetables. I started eating more takeout, vegan donuts, & tater tots. My mental health, fitness performance, stamina & focus at work, and overall mood suffered greatly. 


One day I looked in the mirror & snapped. 


I stopped complaining about how crappy I felt and got INTENTIONAL about my food. My mood improved, my energy and focus increased, and my confidence was through the roof! All because I switched to a whole foods plant based diet.


Now I help my clients do the same!


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Say goodbye to that afternoon slump!

This is a totally customized private intensive that gives you a taste for my 1:1 Nutrition Coaching...


we will pinpoint gaps in nutrition so you can stop worrying about if you’re feeding yourself right for your needs.  Bust limiting beliefs that are holding so you can stop struggling to consistently choose healthier food. Brainstorm a food game plan that doesn’t feel enslaving for your lifestyle and that you’re actually PUMPED to follow!

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16 weeks to a TOTAL Mindset & Nutrition Metamorphosis!

The BEST & most high touch way to work with me! My private coaching container is a very exclusive, customized 16-week mindset & nutrition program designed to fuel a holistic transformation to achieve sustainable wellness for LIFE. You will not only learn how to eat more plant-based meals, go vegan the healthy way, but also SUSTAIN a healthy lifestyle regardless of the obstacles you face.


I will help you re-write stories you’ve been playing in your mind that are no longer serving you. Guide you through customized guidelines for nutrition and dig deep on what has been holding you back in your health & life journey!


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Valeria Is a really supportive and encouraging coach, and I never felt like she yelled at me or belittle me for slipping up. Instead, she truly helped me just make better decisions

Mackenzie Marie BT


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